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 * Queue management functions.
 * Copyright 2000-2007 Willy Tarreau <w@1wt.eu>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
 * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#include <common/config.h>
#include <common/memory.h>
#include <common/time.h>

#include <types/proxy.h>
#include <types/session.h>

#include <proto/queue.h>
#include <proto/server.h>
#include <proto/task.h>

struct pool_head *pool2_pendconn;

/* perform minimal intializations, report 0 in case of error, 1 if OK. */
int init_pendconn()
      pool2_pendconn = create_pool("pendconn", sizeof(struct pendconn), MEM_F_SHARED);
      return pool2_pendconn != NULL;

/* returns the effective dynamic maxconn for a server, considering the minconn
 * and the proxy's usage relative to its dynamic connections limit. It is
 * expected that 0 < s->minconn <= s->maxconn when this is called.
unsigned int srv_dynamic_maxconn(const struct server *s)
      if (s->proxy->beconn >= s->proxy->fullconn)
            /* no fullconn or proxy is full */
            return s->maxconn;

      if (s->minconn == s->maxconn)
            /* static limit */
            return s->maxconn;

      return MAX(s->minconn,
               s->proxy->beconn * s->maxconn / s->proxy->fullconn);

 * Manages a server's connection queue. If woken up, will try to dequeue as
 * many pending sessions as possible, and wake them up. The task has nothing
 * else to do, so it always returns ETERNITY.
void process_srv_queue(struct task *t, struct timeval *next)
      struct server *s = (struct server*)t->context;
      struct proxy  *p = s->proxy;
      int xferred;

      /* First, check if we can handle some connections queued at the proxy. We
       * will take as many as we can handle.
      for (xferred = 0; s->cur_sess + xferred < srv_dynamic_maxconn(s); xferred++) {
            struct session *sess;

            sess = pendconn_get_next_sess(s, p);
            if (sess == NULL)


/* Detaches the next pending connection from either a server or a proxy, and
 * returns its associated session. If no pending connection is found, NULL is
 * returned. Note that neither <srv> nor <px> can be NULL.
struct session *pendconn_get_next_sess(struct server *srv, struct proxy *px)
      struct pendconn *p;
      struct session *sess;

      p = pendconn_from_srv(srv);
      if (!p) {
            p = pendconn_from_px(px);
            if (!p)
                  return NULL;
            p->sess->srv = srv;
      sess = p->sess;
      return sess;

/* Adds the session <sess> to the pending connection list of server <sess>->srv
 * or to the one of <sess>->proxy if srv is NULL. All counters and back pointers
 * are updated accordingly. Returns NULL if no memory is available, otherwise the
 * pendconn itself.
struct pendconn *pendconn_add(struct session *sess)
      struct pendconn *p;

      p = pool_alloc2(pool2_pendconn);
      if (!p)
            return NULL;

      sess->pend_pos = p;
      p->sess = sess;
      p->srv  = sess->srv;
      if (sess->srv) {
            LIST_ADDQ(&sess->srv->pendconns, &p->list);
            sess->logs.srv_queue_size += sess->srv->nbpend;
            if (sess->srv->nbpend > sess->srv->nbpend_max)
                  sess->srv->nbpend_max = sess->srv->nbpend;
      } else {
            LIST_ADDQ(&sess->be->pendconns, &p->list);
            sess->logs.prx_queue_size += sess->be->nbpend;
            if (sess->be->nbpend > sess->be->nbpend_max)
                  sess->be->nbpend_max = sess->be->nbpend;
      return p;

 * Detaches pending connection <p>, decreases the pending count, and frees
 * the pending connection. The connection might have been queued to a specific
 * server as well as to the proxy. The session also gets marked unqueued.
void pendconn_free(struct pendconn *p)
      p->sess->pend_pos = NULL;
      if (p->srv)
      pool_free2(pool2_pendconn, p);

 * Local variables:
 *  c-indent-level: 8
 *  c-basic-offset: 8
 * End:

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